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Buying the proper travel insurance is important before you go on vacation. You must ensure you have the right travel insurance for where you go and know exactly what your travel insurance policy covers. Otherwise, you may pay lots of money if things go wrong.

Travel insurance covers financial losses caused when traveling abroad. Depending on the policy it can cover lost of baggage, theft of personal staff, medical costs and delayed flights.

Buying travel insurance from an agent or the tour operator seems to be the best solution. However, it can not give you the best deal, because tour operators pay relatively high amount of insurance premium taxes. Therefore, it is nice to do a little research. Other ways can be buying insurance from specialized travel insurance brokers or banks.

Do not only compare the prices of travel insurance products, compare also the benefits what they offer, the exclusions on the cover and other product options.

It can be also not easy to select the right insurance company. There are some good rules what travel insurance policy should cover:

    Medical and health problems, sudden illnesses or only some injuries
    Losing and/or damaging your valuable items
    Canceling the entire trip (for good reasons, such as: accidents, bad weather, emergencies, jury services)
    Personal liability. It is when you cause damage or injury to others.
    Non-stop emergency assistance
    Emergency funds. This is financial protection if your agency or airline goes bust.

Take a copy of your insurance policy with you. This is necessary in case if you need to claim, you can check what you have to do.

When you are claiming for breakage (laptop, cell phone, a camera, jewelry, etc.), keep it no matter how it's damaged. There is also a good idea to make a photo of your valuable goods (before and after the break), so that you'll be able to demonstrate the loss or damage. If your goods were stolen, report to the police within 24 hours.

Make sure you have always the international emergency number for your travel insurance company, together with a copy of your policy. Keep in mind that your wallet might be not the best place to keep your policy there as the wallet can be stolen.

It is also important to note that travel insurance should cover the entire period of your holiday. If you have special needs, it can be discussed and negotiated with the travel insurance company. Travel insurance agencies are more flexible in general, but they also have some standard exclusions, such as: damage to property, damage to health due to drug use and / or alcohol, expenses in connection with your existing health problems or terrorists attacks. You are also responsible for your possessions, so you are obliged to take care of them all the time.

There are several tips for purchasing the best travel insurance:

    Get informed before you make a choice. Find the best prices and the best deals. Seek for advice before ordering online
    Special offers can be very tricky: low cost insurance policies can be good, but they may not cover all the fields described above
    Save your time and money. It's better to purchase annual insurance when you go on more than one holiday a year.
    Check whether the offer covers the entire period of your holiday and offering the cancellation policy

Keep these things in mind and you'll have a well organized and very safe trip!
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