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Health Insurance

Health insurance is the insurance that pays for unexpected or high medical expenses. There are many countries that have health care funded by government. This means that majority of citizens have access to medical facilities and treatment. It can be also purchased from private insurance company. It can work on group basis (e.g. when company covers its employees) or on an individual basis. In each case the group or the individual pays premiums or taxes to in order protect themselves from high or unexpected health-care costs. Many people get health insurance through their employers, meaning that the employer helps to pay for insurance. This type of insurance is usually with a managed care plan that is a contract with medical facilities to provide health care for members with lower costs.

You can also buy health insurance on your own, it costs a little more than employer-based insurance. In summary, if you don't have health insurance, you need to pay your medical bills directly.

Your health insurance is actually an agreement between you and your insurance company. It gives you certain medical services such as medication, tests and treatments. The cost of these benefits are covered by insurance, and are called "covered services ". Please notice that a medical necessity and a medical benefit are not the same. A medical benefit is what covered by your insurance. A medical necessity is something decided by your doctor as necessary. It might be that your doctor can recommend medical care, which is not covered by your insurance policy. Insurance company has to decide, what types of drugs, tests and services will be covered by your health insurance plan. What you can do is to understand better your health insurance coverage so that you can help your doctor prescribe you the medical care that is covered by your insurance. Just remember that your insurance company decides what you pay, not your doctor.

It's very important to know your health insurance options. When you have enough information, you can always make a better decision about health care. Your aim should be high quality medical services and this is not necessarily the cheapest offer. The insurance should also cover vision and dental, baby and preventive care. You can use various ways to measure and compare the quality of your health care choices so you can make the best decision. You can do things like Quality Reports and Accreditation Reports, read consumer ratings - how satisfied customers are with the doctors in their health insurance plan, or clinical services, and how well health care organization provides treatment.

To select the right health insurance plan is not easy. Actually, there is no such thing as "best" plan for all. Some health insurance plan can best suits you and your family, however, it may not necessarily be the best for another family. There are some things to consider when you selecting a plan. Let say you thinking about choosing long-term health insurance coverage or something for the short term. There are some notices about that. If you know that you need a plan for a specific period of time, e.g. you are between jobs for a while, so short term plan works fine. Short term health insurance plans can be helpful in case of sudden illness or injury, so they don't have a number of benefits of long-term insurance plans like dental and eye care.

There are many health insurance policies, but the basic principle is to give you access and opportunity to health care service, and to ensure that health care is affordable. The point is, make sure that you understand what you are purchasing and that the health insurance plan you selected can cover your health needs.

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