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Tips for Choosing Health Insurance Appropriately

Tips for Choosing Health Insurance Appropriately - "Do not wait until you are impoverishing disease", I think the phrase as it is much good to be obeyed. Why not, of course, because the cost of qualified medical expenses is expensive. However, if the expression says "Healthy is Expensive", I think this is less precise because it is not healthy to be expensive. For example, often eat more vegetables guarantee we will be healthy, this is much better than we always mengkonumsi fast food every day is expensive diresto. Healthy Is not it cheaper?

In spite of it all, we also need health insurance . For anyone who knows the future life later. We are now healthy, did not know about next week suddenly diagnosed with pain that would cost a lot of care. Or we are already diagnosed? But not to me. So, do not wait diseases impoverish us to forget to follow because of health insurance.

Health insurance can be a safety net when we are sick so that the hard work has not gone to pay for medical care. For that enrich yourself with the types of insurance in accordance with the expected protection.

Health insurance continues to grow, there is the cost of replacing critical illness insurance critical for the early stages of the disease, or the only guarantee of hospitalization alone.

According Tejasari, a financial planner from Tatadana Consulting, ideally everyone has health insurance, not to mention the children because of their tendency to get a bigger hospital.

"In addition to more easily hurt, the mother usually easy to worry about the health of their children. Fever usually 3 days immediately taken to the hospital," he said.

Tips on choosing the right health insurance for Us

Select the type of health insurance that is pure

Currently, many insurance options are combined simultaneously with investment, or popularly called unit-linked. However, should we choose who is pure as health insurance. Because pure health insurance premiums are cheaper and also more precise benefits.

Choose Insurance that covers the entire cost of treatment

Health insurance in Indonesia is currently replacing many claims of health costs to the number specified or agreed. Replacement level could include the cost of room, doctors, drugs, and other medical measures, the limits for each type of health service.

There is also a health insurance that only covers hospital room just so that customers still have to pay for various medical procedures and medicines. Should select to cover the entire cost because it is usually expensive and drugs act.

Room Rate Survey

Before determining the amount of the premium, we should do a survey of the price of a hospital room where we are headed when the possibility of pain later. If we wants when ill treated in the class room 1, yes only adjusted premiums. If it wanted in the VIP room, so grab a higher premium.

Critical illness insurance

    In addition to hospitalization insurance at the hospital, is now also available insurance for critical illnesses, such as heart attack, diabetes, cancer, and many more.
    Critical illness insurance is usually not to replace the cost of hospital care. This is a type of insurance policy pays for the insurance money so customers critical illness. Paid in full but after that is not covered anymore.
    Critical illness insurance is important for those who have a family history of certain diseases. For example, if a parent, grandparent, or a brother who has cancer, then we should buy this insurance just in case. Especially now tend lifestyle is not healthy.

Reimbursement or card

    Reimbursement of health care costs generally consist of two types, namely through the reimbursement system or we pay first and then changed the insurance company, or put on the card.
    Reimbursement systems are usually cheaper premiums. But we have to pay the consequences first, while the card system all been taken care of so we do not bother.
    To prevent the occurrence of unpaid claims, especially those wearing reimbursement system, we should ask the insurance agent with details, ie what are the conditions that are not covered by insurance.

Do not forget to be honest, for example if it's smoking do not say no because once we entered the hospital on the grounds that we could not pay the claim.
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