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Unemployment protection

Unemployment protection insurance

Compare quotes for unemployment protection insurance with our preferred provider, PMI Partners*
Provides peace of mind that your bills and monthly payments are covered if you are unable to work
Select from a range of cover levels to suit your needs and circumstances
Choose when you want your payouts to start, and how long you want to be covered for
Unemployment protection insurance explained
Why take out unemployment protection insurance?
With the global economic crisis leading to widespread unemployment, more and more of us are conscious of the fact that our jobs could be at risk. Unemployment insurance helps protect us against this risk by providing payouts for a pre-determined period while we are out of work. This can help us meet the repayments on our debts and could even help with the cost of other bills and outgoings.

Things to consider when choosing unemployment protection insurance
There are several factors to take into account when choosing an unemployment insurance policy:

Debt repayments: You can take out unemployment insurance to cover debt repayments only. However, you can also take out cover for a percentage of your income to potentially account for other bills and outgoings while helping you maintain a certain standard of living
Wait period: Most policies stipulate a period of time that you will need to wait after you have stopped work before you can make a claim. This can vary from 30-90 days
Length of the policy: Consider how long you want the payments to last for should a claim be necessary, and factor in how long you think it would take you to find a new job. Some policies offer cover for periods as short as three or six months, while others will cover you if you are unemployed for up to two years
What is excluded from unemployment cover?
It's important to examine the terms and conditions of an unemployment insurance policy before taking the policy out and to look for exclusions. Typically you will not be covered if your unemployment is the result of industrial action, voluntary unemployment, resignation or misconduct; and you will also not be covered if you were aware of these situations when taking the policy out. Claims may also be turned down if you are not registered as unemployed, if you are not actively seeking new work, or if your loss of employment is a seasonal occurrence.

How to choose the right unemployment insurance policy
When choosing an unemployment insurance policy consider your ability to meet debt repayments without support and the level of payout you would require, and then use a comparison website to look for a policy that's appropriate for your needs. You may also wish to consider accident, sickness and unemployment (ASU) cover for additional protection against a loss of income due to illness or incapacity.

Be sure to enter all your information accurately, as omitting or providing inaccurate information may invalidate your claim. Before deciding to purchase a policy you should ensure that the terms of the policy meet your demands and needs.

Our preferred provider
We have partnered with PMI Partners*, our preferred provider for unemployment insurance, to help you choose the right deal to suit your needs.
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