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The Advantages and Disadvantages of USAA - Car Insurances Quote

The claims service is horrific. I have been a loyal USAA customer for over 22 years, in a family that has been USAA faithtful for 45 years. I've never had a ticket or an 'at fault' accident. Their prices have always been higher than a lot of other insurance companies out there, so I expected to get exceptional customer service if and when I was involved in an accident. Recently, I was rear ended by a speeding car. Luckily, to date, I notice no injuries. The damage to my car, which I bought brand new not even 2 years ago, was bad. My adjuster has been anything but helpful. He has not offered any information and has not been 'my voice' or looking out for my best interests at all. He has nickle and dimed me the whole way, EVEN THOUGH THEY WILL BE FULLY REFUNDED. They are going to use after market and used parts on my car. I have called customer service to try and get to another adjuster but they keep putting me through to the same one, who only specializes in bodily injury?!?!?! He said himself he didn't know much about property damage. HUH???? Brilliant. I'm just completely and utterly disheartened by their lack of customer service, their lack of concern for their loyal customers, and their lack of knowledge, as I said before, I've had to do all my own research. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm switching insurance companies when this is all done and I'm taking all my asset accounts and credit accounts out of USAA. My family has said they are doing the same, as they are shocked and concerned that the same would happen to them. And based on reading other USAA customer reviews, I can see that we are definitely not alone in that opinion. I definitely would not recommend buying insurance, or any other product for that matter, from USAA if you are hoping for good customer service when you really need it.
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